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By William Shakespeare

Love's Labour's Lost

August 10 - 27, 2017

Production Information

Shakespeare’s most effervescent comedy is given a 1960’s makeover. 


Show Location: The Bernie Legge Theatre, Queen's Park, New Westminster.

Show Times: Thursday - Saturday at 8:00 PM, Sunday at 2:00 PM

Show Rating: (G) All Ages




Special Showings:



In order to dedicate themselves to a life of study, the King and his friends take an oath to avoid the company of women for three years. No sooner have they made their idealistic pledge than the Princess of France and her ladies-in-waiting arrive, presenting the men with a severe test of their high-minded resolve. Shakespeare’s delightful romantic comedy is an unabashed celebration of innocence, idealism, and the sweet folly of young love.

Cast & Creative Team

Isaac Li as Ferdinand

Matt Paynter as Berowne

Derek Schnobb as Longaville

Shawn Hillman as Anthony Dull

Casey Por as Costard

Matthew McCarron as Don Armado

Claire Temple as Moth

Junita Thiessen as Jacquanetta

Kelsey Cunningham as Boyet

Emily Wheeler as Princess

Hollie Emerick as Roslaine

Alyssa Hanson-Smith as Maria

Blake Kimber as Holofernes

Kurtis Maguire as Sir Nathaniel

Director Matthew Davenport

Assistant Director Carly June Friesen

Scenic Design Carly June Friesen & Jordon Strudwick

Costume Design Kelsey Cunningham

Lighting Design Matthew Davenport

Sound Design


Production Photos

The Lovers
The Princess and Ferdinand
Longaville, Costard, and Berowne
Costard and Jaquenetta
Ferdinand, Jaquenetta and Costard
Don Armado
Don Armado
The Princess and Ferdinand
The Princess, Rosaline, and Maria
Maria and the Princess
Boyet and Maria
Longaville and Boyet
Don Armado and Moth
Don Armado
Costard and Moth
Costard, Don Armado, and Moth
Moth and Costard
Dull, Holofernes, and Nathaniel
Berowne and Longaville
Holofernes, Sir Nathaniel, and Dull
Moth and Costard
The Princess, Rosaline, Maria, Boyet
Ferdinand and Rosaline
The Princess and Longaville
Maria and Rosaline
The Princess
Maria and Rosaline
The Princess, Ferdinand, and Berowne
Moth (as Hercules)
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