By Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare 

[Abridged] [Revised]

March 4 - 7 & 10 - 14, 2020

Production Information

A fast-paced comedic adventure through every play Shakespeare ever wrote.
Take two!


Show Location: Havana Theatre, Vancouver

Show Times: Wednesday - Saturday at 7:30 PM

Show Rating: (PG-13)


Tickets: $20.00 + fees


Language, Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Partial Nudity

Special Showings:



Are you ready to experience every single play Shakespeare wrote in under 90 minutes? Neither are we. Join your hosts: Andrew Lynch, Alyssa Hanson-Smith and pre-eminent Shakespearean scholar Richard Wiens, as we traverse the bard's work and attempt to make it relevant and interesting to today's modern audience.

Cast & Creative Team

Andrew Lynch

Richard Wiens

Alyssa Hanson-Smith

Director Matthew Davenport
Stage Manager Jordon Strudwick

Costume Design Carly June Friesen
Set Design & Construction Jordon Strudwick
Poster Design Tona Grasa

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